Codebar Android Workshop Resources

This is the home for the codebar android tutorials! These are designed to be used at the very special codebar Android workshops only. If you’re super lucky there may be a coach at regular codebar who can help you through a tutorial, but we can’t promise that!

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Getting Setup

All the things you need to do before attending a codebar android workshop

Get Set Up


phone_android touch_app cake


The best starting place to learn Android by building a cookie clicker

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personal_video touch_app phone_android

Espresso UI Testing

Automatically test your cookie clicker app using Espresso

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view_module person picture_in_picture_alt


Go further into how the layout system works in Android

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stay_current_portrait update stay_current_landscape

Activity Lifecycle

Learn how the android activity lifecycle works

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place near_me my_location

Google Maps

Learn how to put Google Maps into your own app!

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